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Do you love Horses in History, Mystery, Legend and Lore?

All about horses-3d-cover-

Short reads about new and old horse friends, famous and infamous horse people, world class equestrian events and some mysteries of the horse world.

Horses, horsemanship, and horse sport has been a part of mankind since time began. These are short and informative fun reads, great for busy on the go horse people, or those who enjoy some history and trivia!

Why did crippled Anne Sewell really write the story of Black Beauty?
Who were the original horse whisperers with their secret oaths, societies and handshakes?

Did Grand National winner Moifaa escape a sinking ship and swim to shore..or is that a tall tale?
What part did the theatre have in the start of the massive British mail coach runs?
What was the little known secret to Secretariat’s success on the racetrack?
Why were the ‘sand pounders’ used in WW II to patrol American beaches?

…and there’s lots more!

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