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Farriers and blacksmiths were often horse whisperers as they needed to manage frightened and unruly horses.

Secret Societies, Oaths and Handshakes: Latter day horse whisperers can claim credit for the formation of many secret societies that sprang up in Great Britain during the 18th century, each with its own secret handshake, oath and password.  Scottish whisperers were regarded with great awe and the expression ‘orra loon’ meaning odd or misplaced was applied to members of this group.  It makes one wonder if the adjective ‘loonie’ that is applied to an odd person comes from this? (more…)


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Tinkers, travelers, gypsies…call them what you will, they were the original horse whisperers. Thanks to Harlequin Farms for this great photo.


Origins and Explanations:

The term horse whisperer is nothing new despite the interest gained in these individuals over the last 20 years or so. Today’s horse whisperers with their round pens and new training methods are a far cry from the original horse whisperers. The originals, usually from gypsy or Romany stock were common in the 17 and 1800s in the British Isles and in other countries and they bring to mind visions of ancient and mystical charms and skills dating back to an a medieval guild craft. (more…)

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